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Doctor Who season seven trailer

The continuing adventures of the 11th Doctor.


The Doctor and Clara, the new companion  


The Doctor Escapes an Exploding Ship Storyboard

This is the storyboard from The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe that details his escape from the ship in the beginning of the Christmas Special. 

Did anyone else think that escape was a little ridiculous even for Doctor Who? 


Here are some of my preliminary thoughts on the potential Doctor Who reboot film by David Yates. 

As far as casting goes I think they should stick with tradition and have a male lead. I think they should go and be different with the 2nd or 3rd movie Doctor being a female, but start with a male.

Who should play the part? Well as many actors with big names I think could pull off great versions of the character I think they should go with a relative unknown. It worked for the Star Trek reboot’s Captain Kirk and it worked for the Thor film. This could be this actor’s big break. 

I think the general tone of the film should stick with the general tone the show has always had. A whimsical seriousness that keeps it relatively lighthearted and fun in dire situations, but able to aptly become dramatic when the story demands it. And I think it should up the sci-fi craziness, so it should be as jam packed with as much techno-babble they can get away with about bizarre techs and aliens. 

I also think whoever the companion is should only be for that one movie. Maybe one sequel, but the idea of the companion is that they are only there for a brief time in the Doctor’s life no matter how awesome or beloved they are because he’s always on the move and he lives for a very long time. And start with a female companion. 

Oh, and don’t change the TARDIS. They better not even think about that. 

That’s it for now on what I think. I might have more ideas later. What do you think; do you agree or disagree?


Doctor Who 2011 Children In Need special 


If David Yates’ reboot film does happen who do you think he should cast as The Doctor?  

To make it more specific give a general direction of the film with your choice of actor/actress. Like, if the film is a ‘dark’ tone then I say [blank] should play it. 




All of the Doctor’s regenerations IN BABY FORM!!!


Just found out some people don’t like River Song and I’m utterly confused. How can you not like River Song? She’s awesome. She’s basically a perfect match for him because she is his female counterpart and we all know how much the Doctor loves himself even if he is regularly prepared to sacrifice himself for the safety of others. She’s clever, witty, sexy, fun, and just as full of adventure as the Doctor himself. 

Is it because The Doctor married her? He’s been married before. Is it because he fell in love with her? He fell in love with Rose Tyler and even had part of himself live out a romantic happy ending life in another universe. How is that not a Mary Sue ending? Is it because her story is hard to keep up with? This is a time travel show about a guy who travels to all parts of time everyday of his life, so of course its going to be confusing from time to time. Plus it gives her an air of mystery. Or is it really because you aren’t River and you’re just jealous? 

You can claim the Mary Sue idea as much as you want, but that doesn’t stop romances from happening. I’m a straight guy so you can’t say she’s some sort of Mary Sue for me. I genuinely think she’s awesome.  

Every romance is a Mary Sue for someone, so who cares? Characters fall in love, we should be happy for them. That’s the nature of a romantic tale. 

The Doctor has been running around spacetime for 800+ years single. I think it’s about time he get married personally, although I wouldn’t be against the marriage not happening either as long as the story was good. 

I really am confused. I just can’t understand it. Reblog if you agree. 



Emperor Churchill: “Tick tock goes the clock,” as the old song says. But they don’t, do they? The clocks never tick. “Something has happened to time.” That’s what you say. What you never stop saying. “All of history is happening at once.” But what does that mean? What happened? Explain to me in terms that I can understand. What happened to time?

The Doctor: A woman.


- From “The Wedding of River Song”